Noobs and Breakout, any questions ?

I am just wondering, since every breakout game I play people simply dont know what to do to win.

A. Stay ALIVE!
B. The flag is in the middle of the map, you D NOT bring it back to your base <----
C. If you are the last man standing, you can still win the game by advancing the flag!!
D. Kill everyone, but stay live.

Is this simple enough ? The last few games of breakout I was the only one that scored ? My last CTF game, I scored ALL 3 Flag captures using these same rules.

Any questions so you dont disappoint other players on your team ?

I hate it when your teams’ resident noob brings the Flag to your base expecting to win, no noob I’m sorry, that’s too easy.

LOL i love it when noobs post stuff like this

have you ever realized THAT YOU ARE THE NOOBS

A. Make a team and don’t play with randoms


I’m a noob to Breakout but have no questions. Seems pretty straight forward. Kind of fun for a change actually.

Just go for the flag, everyone else is so obsessed with killing that you normally win with the flag score.

I find it extremely hard to believe that people miss the giant marker that says “DELIVER” at the enemies base but instead bring it to there own.

then I see it happen, and I facepalmed at how stupid some people can be.