Noob tips (tips for noobs)

Hey I am a noob and looking for tips to get better. Is it just playing or are there any tricks to it.

Mostly just comes down to putting the playtime in because you should improve as you keep getting used to the game, but there are other things you can do as well.

  • Mess around with the control schemes, and see if you prefer the way they feel compared the the default scheme, and if you still prefer the default, that is fine too, considering it’s just a matter of preference. - Learn the map locations, weapon pad/powerup placements, and explore different routes you can take on maps. There are probably a good amount of YouTube videos that can help you out with learning the different ways to navigate certain maps by using certain jumps and routes. - Become more accustomed to using your Magnum. As you start to climb the skill bracket, you face tougher opponents, and precision weapons become the norm of the game. The Assault Rifle is still nifty for close range engagements, but 9 times out of 10, you’ll be squaring up against someone using the Magnum, so work on your strafing, and your shots.

Don’t be afraid to mess with your look and aim acceleration settings to find a good feel. And as said above, just practice practice practice. Halo and especially H5 has a pretty high learning curve and takes quite awhile to get used too.

Noob combo plasma pistol and any precision weapon

Something I have learned through experience is KNOW WHEN TO MELEE. there is a right time, and a very wrong time to melee in any encounter, regardless of whether the punch lands.

First of all, never boost into a melee. It operates very differently from a spartan charge. Boosting prevents you from shooting or performing any action for a split second. If you boost into a melee, the opponent will have the first opportunity to strike.

Second, melee as a last resort. After melee, you cant perform any action (including firing your weapon) for a brief moment. You may do a decent chunk of damage, but you put yourself at a disadvantage. Melee should be reserved until you pop the enemy’s shield.

And finally, melee can make or break a 1v2 encounter. The important part is positioning. Don’t surrender the high ground in a mad charge for melee. In a scenario where you are outnumbered, melee is used to punish an opponent who makes a mistake in their positioning.

Hope this helps.

Just practice. I recommend starting in Free for all to help your skill grow then try team arena or hcs. The more time you put in the better you will be.

3 things got me into Platinum:

  • Knowledge on weapons and powerups - Cautiousness - Exploiting psychology
    Knowledge on weapons and powerups comes with experience and experience only. You can know all the stats of a DMR, but you won’t really know it if you don’t use it much. To accumulate this experience, hop onto Super Fiesta to find your favorite weapons and to patch up your weaknesses with other weapons. Super Fiesta also helps you be very versatile with your strategies, as no one strategy will ever cover all the weapons you might get with the random spawns.

Cautiousness comes by winning a fight against your instincts. Many new players play aggressively. This is because they tend to believe that the more people they find, the more kills they rack up. This is the naïveté that distinguishes a madman sprinter from a speedy killer. Cautiousness is about picking your battles. If it’s a battle you can’t win, go against your instinct to engage and run.

Cautiousness also means that you have to drink in your surroundings. Sounds. Sights. Weapons scattered when no teammates are in the vicinity. Take it slow and look at the environment to get the tactical jump on an enemy. However, you yourself must also be careful not to make yourself obvious. While you can’t do much about a weapon amiss, you can walk to stay quiet and stay out of the open. An enemy can’t shoot at someone they don’t know is there.

The last one and probably my favorite is taking advantage of mental quirks. My favorite trick in particular exploits the predictive tendencies of the brain and inattentional blindness. Here’s how you do it:

  1. An enemy will spot you and began tracking you down. Run until you are off their radar and they are off yours.

  2. Turn a corner.

  3. Wait. Stick to the wall next to the corner.

  4. They’ll come around, and you’ll get a cheap stealth kill.

This trick works because people aren’t going to expect you to just stop. They’ll think you kept going to try to escape. Obviously if you were on their radar when you stopped, they’ll know something is wrong if your blip suddenly disappears, so make sure they’re off your radar when you turn that corner.

When they turn the corner is when inattentional blindness kills them. For maximum certainty, crouch while waiting around the corner. This gives you a lower profile. The enemy player will primarily focus on the center of their angular vision, so they are almost effectively blind on their peripheral vision. When they turn that corner, you can go in for a melee to the back and get yourself a sweet assasination, and only until the death cam appears will they realize that they fell prey to their own brains. You should be conservative when using this, as you really don’t want an enemy player to realize you’re probably around that corner.

Learn smart map movement and positioning. Learning the maps in and out helps with this.

My best recommendation is to find one of your friends (or a random here on Waypoint) that are willing to help you out. They often know enough about the game to help you out quite a lot. It eventually comes down to the time you put in. Just make sure when you get burnt out to play another game for a day or two. People make the mistake of grinding Halo past their burning point and then can’t do anything afterwards.

Thanks for all the answers I didn’t know there was this much community, I will try and use all the tips mentioned. Thanks

What playlists do you play? Mentioning that can help get more specific tips. Anyway, try not to mindlessly run around the map. Pay attention to where you teammates are located which can help you find out where the enemies are and how many teammates are still alive.

I’m still pretty mediocre at the game myself so I don’t have much to offer other than this: be careful about when you assassinate someone. Assassinations are amazing and very satisfying to pull off, but they are arguably the most punishable move in Halo 5. You can be killed during an assassination animation, losing the kill for yourself and giving a free kill to the enemy team. So, before you commit to the animation, try and see if your target has team mates in the vicinity. If they do, tap the melee button instead of holding it to do a beat down (same thing as an assassination just no animation). Then, if the victim’s teammate is shooting at you, you can quickly run or go for another kill if you think you can survive the skirmish. If the target is alone, go for the assassination (the animations really are pretty amazing).

If you see a teammate being assassinated, shoot the guy killing him. You might just save your teammate which could shift the balance of the game a little towards your team’s favor (or if you couldn’t then you have a weakened enemy for an easy kill after). Or, for style points, you could wait until the enemy has finished their assassination and then assassinate them while they’re still recovering (I’ve done this before and it’s very enjoyable).

If you see your teammate assassinating someone, please do not shoot the enemy being assassinated and steal your teammate’s kill. I have had times where I was shooting an enemy and a teammate started assassinating him but since I had already weakened the enemy and was still shooting I took the kill while the animation was playing. As a courtesy I would recommend only stealing assassination kills during situations like that.

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> Thanks for all the answers I didn’t know there was this much community, I will try and use all the tips mentioned. Thanks

This community can be the best or the worst, but for this sort of thing I thi k our community does well with. Helping others

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> Thanks for all the answers I didn’t know there was this much community, I will try and use all the tips mentioned. Thanks

Plenty of good YouTube videos aswell try Lukethenotable he has some good stuff about the game and also some of vetoeds stuff on jumps strafe and movement are good too

Learn when to hold back with your team, and when to push the ofensive. And as much as everyone claims to hate it, learn to spartan charge and ground pound. Try experimenting whith what I just said.

Some one find a video of bxr, and bouncing gernades off the map.

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> What playlists do you play? Mentioning that can help get more specific tips. Anyway, try not to mindlessly run around the map. Pay attention to where you teammates are located which can help you find out where the enemies are and how many teammates are still alive.

Yeah what playlist because tips can be different for different game modes if you are playing swat then there are certain tips for that specifically things like learn a good strafe and such or if your playing objective based game modes when to go for objective and when to stick back and help out your team more. But other than that try playing octagon with a buddy it’s a custom game to help with aim and mostly either use it as practice or to warm up before a game

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> Hey I am a noob and looking for tips to get better. Is it just playing or are there any tricks to it.

I’m happy to share what little I have learned:

  1. Don’t run. Don’t spartan charge. Don’t ground pound. Walk around, learn the layouts and the lanes of maps. Always be gun up and ready for a fight. Before you can master “advanced movement” you need to learn basic movement.
  2. Learn the spawn positions and timings of power weapons on each map. Be there to contest it. You don’t have to get kills with the sniper, but get in the habit of fighting for it.
  3. Shoot anyone you can, at any opportune time. Assists matter a lot and every bullet you put into someone is one less bullets your team needs to take them down.
  4. Don’t roam the map. Hold down the area where you spawn and slowly widen the circle of your patrol area. When you’re new you don’t know where people usually come from on any part of the map, so let the enemy come to you. The maps are small and you won’t have to wait long.
  5. Just use the magnum. Before you git gud with snipers and other power weapons, you need to master the primary Halo 5 weapon. And that’s the magnum. Work on your accuracy and once you are comfortable with it you won’t need any other weapon for most situations.
  6. Use cover and cut off sight lines. Ever since Halo CE positioning has been a huge factor in winning gunfights and matches in this series. It’s very hard to hold down an area and contest someone on one part of the map when some dweeb with a sniper has a nice view of your position from the other side of the map. Also, being aware of cover means you always have an escape route for when you need to back down. And there in no shame in backing down and staying alive to fight another day.
  7. Pay attention to the kill feed. Take a quick glance at the game roster. It’s amazing how little focus is given to this area, but if you know 2 of your team mates just went down, you can make an informed decision about not pushing an area because there are more of the enemy than of you. Also, in FFA when you see a kill go down you can be sure someone is weak and go capitalize on that. It really helps to know how many players are on the map at all times.
  8. Ranks don’t matter. Accuracy does. Don’t worry about winning games, aim to win gun fights. While you’re learning your only goal should be to gradually improve your own individual skill.
  9. Don’t throw grenades in the middle of the gunfight. Nades are thrown in anticipation of a gunfight or as clean up tools.
  10. DON’T CHASE KILLS! I can not stress this enough. If you got someone weak but they dipped out and you need to run to catch them, DON’T. Just focus your attention on what else is going on around you.

Happy hunting, Spartan.

P.S. Watch BBKDRAGOON. Go to YouTube watch his Replay Reviews and Mental tips series :slight_smile:
Also if you really wanna get good, watch HCS. Just watching how the Pros play will partially help you get better when you yourself play.

Stay with your team. Especially if everyone is microphoned up and communicating you can’t lose.

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