Noob Looking for Some People to Play

Hey, I am MezarRaider. I introduced myself in another post. So I apologize if anything is repeated, but this will be short.

Basically I am looking for a group to play with. I am I very shy person though, I’m not one to send invites or talk into the mic during a game. If I am playing with people I know that’s different, unfortunately not many of my xbox live friends play Halo: Reach and I don’t sent invites to the ones that do, because I’m afraid of bothering them while they are playing with their other friends. I don’t use my mic, because I’m afraid of being judged as well as talking to people I don’t know. I am not that great of a player, true it is for just fun, but I still get nervous. I’m just getting a little sick of playing by myself, as well as the disrespect someone can get in a random matchmaking game. I’ve tried joining a couple of groups in the past, but always either got too nervous, or they didn’t have what I wanted. I know I will have to get past all this to be in a group, but I need a group that’s respectful and patient, and hopefully I won’t chicken out of joining. Thanks.

P.S. I know it doesn’t really make sense, I am sorry about that, but this was the best way I could explain it.

This may be something you’re looking for. Section V enjoys playing with all of their members no matter their behavior. If you joined you would be able to play with numerous people who aren’t offended if you join them. Visit our website for more details.


I know what you mean about getting nervous in random games. I’m not the best player either (understatement of the year) and you hate to be the person that causes your team to lose, right? I’m not that worried about winning, but I know a lot of people are. As long as I get to run around and get a few kills, and I’m not dying every 2 seconds, I’m having fun :slight_smile:
I’m not in a group, but you can add me if you want, and I’ll play with you just about anytime I’m online. I’ve got one friend that I almost always play with, so you kinda get a 2 for 1. Yay!!


If you want to join of group of players you should join a clan, small clans are best for helping you become a great player.

I’d invite you to the 105th Division ODST, except we have a policy that states you must have and use your mic.

The reason for this is so we can train you to call out stuff. Calling out is an integeral part of gaming with a clan. Call outs let us know where the enemy is, certain weapons, things of this nature.

If you want to get better, and can overcome your shyness, look us up here.

ODST NightRaven
2Lt, 2nd Platoon C/O