I am dumfounded as to how such a once competitive gave has been nerfed on every aspect to accommodate the 40 million monthly cod players that 343i is failing to poach.

Besides the insane amount of aim-assist that cannot be removed.

  1. KILL CAMS!!! wtf??

Some maps are meant for close quarters sniping which i think is apart of sniping however on larger maps what is the point of “camping” which is what your suppose to do on larger maps when the randoms don’t know how to control choke points. Kill cams in earlier games of halo would centre your screen in the direction the shot came from, thus enticing you to go and weed him out. Now the game says “your so terrible ill show you how he killed you so you can use the terrible flinch mechanic and shoot in his little toe twice, or sneak up there and double pummel him”

  1. Radar! wtf??

Again on larger maps you wont get close enough to use your radar anyway so it doesn’t matter unless you would like to assassinate someone quickly without having to crouch walk but on smaller maps, we now have noobs camping around corners and in hallways to either snipe you in the back of the head or earn themselves pummel as a tool of destruction when they double pummel you!

  1. Team spawning

This is suppose to prevent spawn killing which wouldnt be needed if you had “re-spawn zones” being half a map per side or “neutral spawns” in un open areas allowing people to escape a spawn trap. However all this team spawning does is allow someone to spawn on their about to die team mate to sprint at you like the noob he is to get a cheap pummel on you or skilless aim-assisted snapshot.

Given how skill less every playlist is on in this game my only hopes for a noob free mlg playlist are only fading.

Welcome to Halo 4.

Agreed. They really butchered Snipes with the map selection and radar. I was looking forward to snipes but then I realised this was 343.

may I show you to the other identical threads?

tl;dr - flinch

> may I show you to the other identical threads?

Aopologies i find it too hard navigating through the 2000+ hate threads