Noob Combo Easter Egg

Load up “Reclaimer” on Legendary with the IWHBYD skull on Rally Point Alpha.

Once “Palmer” is done talking walk up to the marines who are saluting, the one of the left and stare at him. He will start talking.

They each say 3 lines, the one of the left will occasionally say “Hey Chief, the noob combo isn’t cheating as long as your form is right, who cares what the haters say” or something like that.

I’ve also heard “So, you’ve seen the new aliens? What’s up with the little hands… Like T-Rex hands or something, they give me bad dreams”.

It seems to vary every time but they can say some pretty funny stuff.

The noob combo one is probably the funniest IMO. This is probably old. But oh well.

Ha thanks for the tip

Haven’t heard of this one yet, good find. I’ll try and check it out my self later.

Well hopefully it’s new, one of them ask if it’s true that “You trained with Mendez back on Reach? That must have been a hard planet to lose”

And “You know you’re HUGE back on earth, my kid has a poster of you IN HIS ROOM!”

Oh this is gold, great find.

Haha. Those are funny.

Thank you.

Wow, I was sure this was old, thanks guys.

A lot of references to previous halo games in there.
I won’t post anymore quotes and just let you guys hear it yourself, it’s funnier hearing it in game.

One said “I can’t believe those aliens took out PFC (-Yoink!- Blane??) sigh, such a good level headed kid.”

Any idea what this could reference?