Noob Clans Ruin this Community

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Is anyone here just tired of noob clans ruining this community? I mean seriously you have your pro and minor leagues who actually compete and actually get recognized. Then you have the category of other which are all these little try hards, noobs, and children squabbling over themselves as if anyone cares. well i guess they’ve succeeded because your all most definitely recognized, recognized as one big annoyance. That’s all you will ever be because let’s be honest all you little wanna be clans who think you have some sort of say in anything dont. so get over yourselves and further more just get off these games and out of this community because your ruining it in these little clan campaigns you’ve fabricated. I do exclude however anyone that is more or less a legit community from this little rant of mine. so come on clan haters let the posts fly let’s here your thoughts and all you little clan trolls keep out, nobody cares.