None of my campaign stats transfered): Help!

When I first purchased halo 4 my Internet was out so I decided to go ahead and do the campaign while I waited a week for it to come back on. During this week I completed every achievement that the campaign has to offer. To my surprise when I was finally able to get back online none of my accomplishments had been recorded. I figured that maybe it just needed a jump start so I quickly completed a campaign mission on legendary (solo again). Once I had done this I went to my service record to find that it did say I had completed the campaign on legendary, but that I had only played for 20 minutes or so and killed about 60 enemies. If that wasn’t bad enough I didn’t receive any commendations what-so-ever for my hard work nor did I receive my armor. As you may of guessed I am pretty angry about this situation and I would very much like to have what is mine. Has anyone else had this problem? If so is there some sort of fix I can do without having to start all over again?


This crap just happened to me too. Is there a fix? If not I will buy black ops 2 and never look back as this happened to me with the last halo I played too.

problem is u were not signed into live. ull have to re-do them all. happened to me for a few campaign missions on solo legendary lol. not fun