Non-Progression Feedback so far after ~90 ranked games

:salt: Biggest (non progression) gripes so far after ~90 ranked matches :salt:

  • Getting killed around corners/cover ; most glaring and frustrating issue currently.
  • Lack of audio cues ; you can hear a grenade rolling but can’t hear a 1 ton Spartan run up behind you.
  • Melee whiffs because of collision bugs ; players phase into each other during melee lunge.

imgur com DphQ46e.png
imgur com riOqulA.png

  • Matchmaking issues ; ranked loves putting Gold players against Diamonds for some reason.
  • AR is overtuned ; this was brought up constantly during the flights since it’s a sniper. Needs more spread or less damage.
  • Grenade spam and blast radius ; one of the two needs to be reduce. Ranked should have no nades on spawn or only a single nade.

Particularly agree with your first three points.

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