Non-professional Gaming League

So, I’m putting some feelers out. Looking to see if we have any clans or teams that would be interested in participating in an ongoing League.

No prize pool, no buy ins. Just for bragging rights, meet up once or twice a week and compete like teams used to do.

I don’t have any specifics hashed out, such as game type variants, best ofs, or even rules (but it wouldn’t take long to put something together).

If you want to know what something like this would look like, I invite you to check out the SEAL League

A very fun time, I promise you!

Nobody?! Won’t do unless there is cash involved?

I’m interested if you’re still looking for people

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I’m interested in doing it, I just don’t think there is an appetite for it.

I have teams always looking for a good scrim.

I went to the website though and all the clans are dead links. No real baseline for skill i.e. cannot see who and what level of competitive play is happening. I know plenty of amateur leagues are starting up around Halo and so there is an interest here even with no prize pool but the goals need to be more clear, browsing the site again there is nothing on Halo. While you go to our site and its all about Halo.

I checked out the SS forums and see the same, standing an league up is easy but the operations of one is harder (especially in light of the recent issues with game crashing or players switching teams)

…I never said the Seal league was Halo, it isn’t…never has been. Its just an example of a league that essentially has no monetary prize, but has operated successfully for years (20+ seasons).

And why did you include your communities url? Seems like some off way to advertise your group in MY thread.

I don’t know its a little misleading to invite to check out something that has nothing to do with Halo. Not recruiting in your uhm, invitational league? Its not so clear what you are communicating now if this link and community isn’t yours.

Maybe don’t put that its an ongoing league right now and add a link to someplace that doesn’t have Halo.

Clearly your English comprehension is not very good.

Would be up for this, have a team of 4 ready too play

Okay I have set up a Discord server to start accepting Teams check it out here

If you have a Team of 4 looking to do so old school 4v4 clan stuff, hit up the Spartan League!

We are looking to start as soon as we have at least 3 teams (as this is the first season, we are okay with starting small).

Matches to be played Friday nights (again this is subject to change depending). So hit us up for details or to get your team signed up now.

League is based in North America (sorry folks).