Non-Modular and Evil customization

Are you seriously gonna sit here and tell me I can’t use the $10 visor color I bought with this $20 armor set I also bought? Or use the $20 Armor color I bought on anything I unlock in the $10 battlepass? Why?

$40 down the drain and I can’t even use any of it together, are you serious? Armor Cores and Kits are Evil and theft. Straight up. I should be able to use anything I’ve spent this much buying together. I should be able to use the Cloud 9 visor with the Bleached Bone coating on my Emile helmet and default Mark VII chest plate.

I’ve never regretted spending $40 so much in my entire life, and I will never again spend a dime until I can use whatever I bought however I want.


I am in general for MT in a free to play game and i think its in overall done well here, but i very much agree with this point and frustration. I bought skin and the fact i cant edit it in any way and use it with other things i unlock in the game, which has whole system based on highly customizable skins is rather poor choice how to handle paid content.

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“Well done here”? Are you smoking that good kush or some crud?

What about paying for basic colors like red and blue in HALO is good? What is good about paying 20 dollars for the color white and a set of armor is good?

How about the padded battle pass that holds nothing but good items here and there while a majority of it is challenge swaps and xp boosts?

Being F2P isn’t an excuse for this kind of behavior from the devs. They knew what they were doing when they made the game.


Ye, its done extremely well. No paid lootboxes, skins cost $10 and you get even some free stuff from battlepass. There has be significantly worse MT schemes than this in major games you actually had to buy for $60. I am not smoking anything, you are just crying about free to play game having optional MT like half of this forum. Its pathetic. If you care so much about how your character looks like, buy once in a while skin for few bucks or just ignore it and play the game.

Man… you can’t fault people for being upset for losing the high level of customization they’ve had since 2007… Then you call them pathetic?.. :unamused:

This is not 2007. How about being a bit grateful for getting amazing MP game for free. The fact that its F2P will probably make this the biggest Halo ever with most content ever in the coming years. But people have some flashbacks from 15 years ago and cant accept this is not the old game, but a new one.
But sure voice your opinion. I am voicing mine. I am absolutely supporting what 343 did and i think its amazing what they achieved and MT has to go unfortunately along with it.
Some of the pricing for bundles is high, yea, but cost of skins seems reasonable to me.

Since 2007, not a feature only from 2007. The diversity in armor selection for free players is quite simply pitiful. I’m not saying make everything free, nor that the shop shouldn’t exist, so don’t even bother arguing those points.

If you give even somewhat interesting things/customisations to players for free, you will remove a lot of incentive for them to buy anything or at least significantly reduce the amount of players that will buy something. The whole reason someone buys a skin is because the default looks like -Yoink!- or you get bored of it.
Yeah, its crappy system, which is slightly predatory on psychology of players, but thats how every F2P game does it and you have to do it otherwise it wont work, you wont make money and you cant support the game long term.
As soon as they start to give players interesting customisation, which they will be even somewhat happy with, the whole MT system will completely crumble.

Don’t you think they could have monetized without getting rid of the option to choose your own colors? Don’t you think they could have monetized without restricting so much to armor cores? Just because you’re okay with them monetizing, doesn’t mean you have to be okay with what they did.

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I simply disagree. Quite simply because whales are gonna whale no matter what. And that’ll make 'em bank more than a steady $60 price tag would ever make them. What they’re doing at this rate is squeezing a little harder on the free players than necessary.

You probably disagree and that’s fine, but I don’t think calling anyone pathetic at this point is necessary or asking them what they’re smoking like the other person said to you.


Exactly. Whales gonna whale. And a lot of people with a little to spend would probably spend a little even if they opened up more freedom. And the people who wouldn’t spend at all with more customization, probably aren’t gonna spend now. I know so many people who won’t even buy the battle pass on principle because of how monetized the game is. I know that’s anecdotal, but still.

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Just the point i made, being annoyed and frustrated by the available selection of customization is what makes people to buy skin in the end. As a player you have only two options, either dont care about the customization and play the game or accept its F2P and you have to pay for the stuff.

I honestly believe if they removed any free customisation and made clear distinction that you dont get to customize your character at all unless you are paying, it would be less painful to people. This way there is dangling carrot and drip feeding of crappy customisation, which pulls people in, but does not provide any substantional rewards. If they game allowed players to just ignore the customisation or get in full when paying, it would remove a lot of frustrations.
Currently its a bit muddy middleground, which probably makes things worse.

I understand the frustration, but in current market Halo did not have many other options than go to F2P, if they wanted to compete long term with biggest games. The current game has capacity to become biggest F2P shooter and not compete with yearly releases of Cod etc, but with games like Fortnite, Apex etc.
That of course means it will implement MT and MT always suck and there will always be expensive things. The reason is as I mentioned before, that most players wont buy them no matter how reasonable that price is. Higher prices offsets the small amount of people that buy it.
But you are of course free to complain about the pricing. I am just saying i dont think its such a big deal and 343 did not do as bad job on the MT as many other people here are saying.

I think if they dialed it back just a bit on the free players it would actually make it better for their profits. Because they would feel more respected and thus more inclined to drop something rather than nothing in order to financially support the company respecting them and the franchise they’ve played their whole lives.

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@SHERIFWIGUM so we should accept them advertising a free event with armour locked behind a 1/6th of retail price or promising a pro-player no FOMO game with lots of customisations to be earned?

We should accept being lied to?


Perhaps, they can of course tweak it. Unfortunately its not how MT work in general, people dont pay to give back or out of respect. Some do of course, but its a miniscule percentage compared to people who buy skins, because they want to look cool.
But they can try it and see if that works for them. It would be nice to have system like that, but there is a reason why every single F2P has insane prices for customisation. I dont remember exact prices, but Apex had for example way worse prices including rng lootboxes. OW was a $60 game with rng lootboxes where you could pay up to $100 before you got the skin you wanted because of rng etc etc.

Yeah I know what you mean. Lemme be specific though: it’s something like half of the unlocks for free tier on the BP are challenge swaps. Maybe they could tone it down to like 33% or 25%?

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Exactly my thoughts, I bought a armor set for the cool colours, can’t even use them on different armors, ridiculous.

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Oh i dont like Battlepass, its awful. There should be no swaps, its ridiculous to work hard to progress through Battlepass for a rewards, which lets you progress through battlepass some more.
Swaps, in my opinion, should be handed out for won match, so its easy to adjust your challenges and make challenges more fun this way. Also won match should give 150xp and 50xp for lost match. Or something like that. And yes, the content of battlepass should be much better, i dont like almost anything there. I have bought a skin, because i wanted to support the devs, but i dont like battlepass. And also the base skin is boring, which is the point again.

But its a separate conversation from MT for skins etc. The battlepass on its own as features is fine, its just the content of it that it is horrible, but it has been said enough times already.

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