Non Human Weapon Skins

I wish we could add skins to weapons like the Skewer and Shock Rifle. I realize these aren’t human weapons…but would be really cool since I use them all the time. That is all…


I’d like covenant weapons and vehicles so I can just turn them back to the original Purple colors.


That sure would be nice. These Banished coatings are kind of depressing.

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Red is my favorite color and I love the banished. But it would be nice to un-brute some of these guns.

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I woul love to have a purple shock rifle, or a red pulse carbine. 343 should do this


Even if it were a Banished themed color swatch for the skins. I think it would make it so much more interesting and new.

I love the idea of non human weapon skins. I really thought 343i were moving in that directions to support it with various weapons, but we just aren’t there and it’s sad. Seeing the customization of a grunt in the Forge premiere makes me think that I should be able to modify my weapon skins just like in MCC.

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I would even buy non human weapon skins…for the right price…come on 343! this is a no brainer

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It’s honestly surprising that there aren’t skins for these other weapons. The artists have to be tired of making just slightly different versions of skins for the BR and side kick by now.

I’m calling it now, if it ever comes, the first skin we will get will be a red pulse rifle.

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the only troublesome thing about this idea is that 343i would have to add the non human weapons to the Customization - Weapons Bench. Not sure if that would be an issue…

I just really want a way to disable weapon skins, or at very least have the player’s skin/customization override that of whatever weapon they pick up.

Oh, no doubt. UI limitations and all.

I like seeing other people’s weapon skins (and even charms) to be honest.

I’m always suprised by the kill effects though.

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I’d like some too, it’d be nice to have a sleek black stalker rifle.

Is there a reason why it’s not a thing?

I get the idea that the UNSC wouldn’t have a weapons bench for enemy weapons, but giving us skins for more weapons would only make them more money.

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I wonder if changing the color of the weapon could also mean that plasma based weapons could have the color of the plasma changed as well? Like how they already have Red Energy Swords in the game. Believe I read that infected were going to have Green colored Energy Swords as well.

It’s crazy how some of these Covenant weapons look better in older Halo games than they do in Infinite. I wish we could have skins for these too.

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Sure, and the shock weapons too. I’m not sure I like the idea though, would make it confusing to see a red contrail but not know if it came from a stalker or shock rifle.

I would absolutely too! I think 343i missed or is struggling to get to be able to provide such in game items.

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I’d be down with different sword colours for sure.

(Did I say that already?)

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