non-fail CLASSIC customs :D


so, as many of you well know, the pistol in anniversary classic is abysmal. the spread, even at 0% bloom, is atrocious. to get around this, were going to have to take a hit in the cR gathering department (OH TEH NOEZ NOT MAH cR’z) by playing 4v4 (and maybe 3v3) custom games instead.

for now, we’ll be using these settings:

100% damage
110% resistance
110% movement (or 120%, i’d like to test both)
110% jump height (and more gravity, to balance it out)
Bleedthru Enabled
100% melee damage (3 DMR bullets + 1 melee is a kill, if you use 90% or less melee damage its 4 shots + 1 melee for a kill, which is too much IMO)

0% Bloom DMR starts
no secondary
2 Frags

NO AA’s or ONLY SPRINT (i’d like to test both)

and, honestly, these settings can all be changed / tweaked. we can test out whatever. the bottom line is, the aniversary classic playlist is suboptimal, and we can easily change it with the TU settings to something closer to what we actually want to be playing.

add iQ ii URZA if you are interested :smiley:


> Halomaster4eva

shoot me a F/R and i’ll add you. hopefully eventually we’ll have gathered enough peeps to reliably be able to host 4v4 games.

I ll also send a friend request.

My gamertag is my user name

> I ll also send a friend request.
> My gamertag is my user name

cool :smiley:

i’ll add you when i get online.