Noctus Alteration

I am perfectly aware that this doesn’t serve much of a purpose, but the wide highways of noctus that circle the monument could handle an elephant, as long as some of the cars and barriers were removed.

This would be mostly for nostalgic purposes, but could also be used as an additional, non captuable place to spawn or a movable building to attack the wardens from

Ah but what if a future warzone map where to have movable bases? Maybe an elephant base?

Battle of Noctus is already broken, where winning is based off either who holds the monument or who can get the last bullet on the bosses… There is NO skill utilized on this map since the bosses are accessible from pretty much every point on the map, although a better angle is given to the monument holders. In all honesty 343i needs to just remove all debris, the side staircases and bridges near the garage, and have the ramp for the monument go straight up, instead of curved. Or remove the dozen camping positions on the monument.

Movable bases such as an elephant or a mammoth would be an interesting idea to a warzone map would definitely change up the gameplay