Nobody to play with people, HELP!!!

Anybody with a bit of maturity here up for playing Reach with me, soon Halo 4? I usually matchmake on my own, but recently have been getting tired of going into games solo. I enjoy winning games and always looking for assists and helping out team mates anyway I can. I have positive wins, which on your own I figure is hard to do… Its strange how from Halo 3 I used to play regular with friends and making new ones online to now. Entering lonely into games. I just want to play and have fun really!

Im 24 years old so please no kids, I just want to play with people in my own age group. 18+ maybe 17 years if you dont scream down the mic like a high pitched pterodactyl. (flying dinosaur, google it)

Anyone willing to pick me up and help forge me into a four player team?

I have tried dating sites and other means of finding other Halo players but now, this is my last resort.

Kind regards

oO Mr Ed Oo

U.K Resident

Check out PraetoriaGuard, I think you’ll fit in great there. 8 year old gaming community focused on Halo, as well as a few other games.