NobleTeamSpartans Recruiting

Looking for highly dedicated Spartans to join our team. We will be focusing on Halo 5 and Halo MCC if you are interested message me

Good day NewEdwards117,

I am Darth Baum and I represent the Epsilon Fleet. I was wondering if your clan would possibly be interested in joining the Sector Nine Federation! This is a clan coalition with many lofty goals in mind. It is one of my dreams to see the Halo Clan Community once more as it was in Halo Reach and before. Check out this thread for more information Sector Nine Federation: Coalition.

Also since I might as well mention this if you are interested in merging into the Epsilon Eridani Fleet that is a possibility as well. I understand it is not the most attractive option but I will put it out there just incase you may be curious about. You would retain control over your own people and depending on the amount you bring you might get even higher ranks. It is case by case so if you are interested message me over XBL: Darth Baum or check out our website!

I hope we can strive to be friends in the future and I send you the warmest of regards!

Very Respectfully,

Darth Baum
Epsilon Fleet Command, Fleet Admiral
Sector Nine Federation, Security Council Member