Noble Team Assembly Help

I got the Halo Reach Legendary Edition the day it came out, but have been holding off on assembling the noble team statue it came with for a long time, mainly because I am afraid that I will brake something. I have now decided to try and assemble it, but have run into many problems. Firat off, I feel like I am going to brake it everytime I move/push something.

  1. Jorge’s arm just isn’t going in, no matter how hard I try.
  2. Jun’s sniper is exactly the same as Jorge’s gun, it is hard to get in. Plus I have to grip it too at the end, which is like Carter… it is really a double negative for me here.

So could someone who has done this already (even if it was on day 1) could you please help me out here and give me some advice. I’m trying to clean up my area and this is one of those things I’ve been holding off on for to long now.

I just finished with Carter’s DMR, but I do have a few questions for it. Is the butt of the DMR suppose to be on his shoulders? Because mine is not. Also, is it suppose to snap into his left hand, or just be loosely held there? Mine is loosely sitting on his left hand. Mine doesn’t look nearly as good as the picture (Well, they did try to make the picture perfect), but would you say yours is more like the pictures or more just out there.

I still have 2 more to go! I’ll probably be saving Jorge’s for last. But when you say only push on his hand, you mean the hand that is not attached yet right? Because I have no idea how to grip his hand without gripping the gun to. Would I hold onto his arm and grab onto his small hand and just push up?

For Jun’s sniper do I hear a snap? Because I can get it to sit like in the picture, but I’m assuming it could easily fall out if I left it like that, plus I can easily just grab and take it off. Is your’s like that too?

For Jun’s sniper, the left hand is to close. It is grapping the ammo clip and not the grip which he should be grabbing. This is a huge problem now because since his hand is in the way, the sniper can’t be put into place. Any tips on this problem?

Could someone please help me out here!!!

This might help YouTube. These things take some fiddling to look right. Jun will hold the gun at the grip and not the clip if you do it right, and Jorge is pretty difficult.

Putting those little hands and weapons onto that thing was a toughy. Just make sure you have a good grip, not holding onto a breakable part. I just had to wiggle the pieces in gently.

Once they are in, the plastic statue looks pretty darn tootin’ neat.