Any idea if Noble Set armours sets would be back in HI?

It is still at least 11 months until release
Stuff like that won’t be known until close to release

To SMOK69MK’s point, there’s no way of saying with any evidenciary support one way or the other at this point.

That doesn’t invalidate speculation, though. I’d expect at least a few of them see updated versions in Infinite. Most of these have already been enjoying a second lease on life in H5 since they were added to that game. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Commando, Grenadier, and possibly even Air Assault back. I’d also think that it’s very possible that the Scout and EVA helmets get redesigned a bit to put them more in line with Reach’s aesthetic. Certainly there will be some way to get the Emile skull on whatever EVA is in the game.

I would say probably, but not for sure, they brought them back in Halo 5.

Considering that Microsoft is betting alot of money on infinite, nobel armor will most likely be in it. What i mean is that rumor has it that halo infinite has the bigest budget in video game history. And 343 want people to like the new halo game, so i think they will try to appease fans how ever they can.