Noble-six survived? Halo reach 2 can be a game?

If you watch the ending cutscene in halo reach and the first one(listen to the first one like proper)you can find out that noble-6(you)has a high chance of survival plus he/she survived coming into orbit, the ending cutscene if you watch closely you see he/she does not get hit by any energy swords and at the end of it you see an elite attacks noble-6 with an energy knife not sword but before it even hits him/her it ends showing your custom or none custom helmet broken on the floor but noble-six is alive until his body is found because the helmet was level to everything so at the end you would see the dead body’s. This just supports that halo reach 2 is a possible game to be made and has a good chance of having noble-six (the lone wolf) in it.

plus halo reach 2 could be you playing as jun finding your team but finding them k.i.a(killed in action) and then finding noble-six alive but barely also. Could arbiter be on reach? At the time and helped noble-six.

to concluded halo reach 2 should become a game and noble-six should be in it.

This topic has been discussed numerous times before and will no doubt be discussed numerous times after, but the answer will always remain the same: Noble Six is dead. His body was stabbed and then glassed. His death was confirmed at the epilogue.

Also, the Thel was the Fleet Commander burning Reach at the time, not the Arbiter. When the Fall of Reach happened, he was set of destroying humanity.

He’s dead and he’ll always be dead. It’s been confirmed numerous times already

The boy is beyond dead.

Six is at best a glass statue lying on their back encrusted into the floor.

At worst they’re ashes.

Sorry my friend, they are very dead.

That’s kind of the whole point. The only one who survived is Jun because he got out of there, anyone who stayed on Reach died.

6 is dead, this has been confirmed multiple times by both 343 and Bungie.