Noble nightmare clan

Are you tired reading the same thing or hear about the same thing. Most clans or company say u had be a some kinda ranks. Good skills same armor so on . Noble night mare is a clan was started up on halo reach not halo 4 or halo 5 . Most or all them say u can’t join or something like that about another clan if you play other game like gear of war or cod not every body play halo all the time. There for noble night mare is in gear of war ,cod and halo . U won’t be push wear a type of armor colors clans name in in ur tag . Only thing ask is the clan emblem that it. Don’t matter age -Yoink!- or anything . U want to join a clan understand u as u have to work or spend time with family so on u won’t be kick out for that . If you want to join noble night mare message pittbumatt116 on halo way point or gt is same