Noble Map Pack

Ive been off Reach for a while and i recently got back on. I realized my Noble Map Pack is gone from my game options. I tried re downloading it and it says its there. Anyone know whats up with this? And whats up with the new maps? Just a little in the dark and trying to find out whats going on.

Never had any problem with the Noble Map Pack but I did have the same issue for the Defiant Map Pack. Deleting them and redownloading the Noble Map Pack should get it to work. What do you mean by “What’s up with the new maps”? Please be more specific


Thanks I’m gonna have to try that. Was there maps added to the normal map play list I dont recognize some of them.

There were several community made maps added to Team Slayer and Big Team Battle not too long ago.

Are your maps missing from your custom game maps? or do you mean the Noble Map Pack hopper? If you mean the hopper thats because Bungie removed it. If not do what kyle says it should work if not let a Modderator now.