Noble guild is recruiting!

Are you looking for a chill Halo Infinite Clan to jump into matches with? Look no further than Noble Guild.

About Us:
We are a very chill Halo clan that is comprised of veteran players, and new players alike. Whether you’re looking for casual or competitive play we have both. We are open to anyone and everyone regardless of skill level, nationality, race, or creed. I promise you there is 0 discrimination in our server as it is not allowed at all!

What we offer:
We are a clan so we don’t do ranks or mandatory trainings or anything like that. Play at your convenience. When big decisions are made we poll our members so you choose how this server runs. Our server is not new to discord so you can automatically enjoy a level 3 server that already has members.

We have LFG channels, lore channels, level 3 quality music channels, channels to post your best clips, memes channel, art channels, and roles if you want to identify as a Spartan, Elite, Brute, or even the Chad Grunt, and much more to come!

Now the only question is, what are you waiting for!?

The link to the discord is in my About Me section if you click on my name.

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