Noble/ Defiant maps made redundant

I’m pretty pissed 'caus I can no longer go in the Premium Battle playlist, the only place where I could get a map-pack game. So, now I have to wait until christmas to get CEA and the maps. But yeah, I wasted a LOT of money on Reach mpa packs. I have had 1 game ever on a map pack map outside of Premium Battle.

So those of us who have the maps are now stuck without CEA, which some of us cannot yet afford. Please let there be somewhere decent I can play online on my maps I spent my good money on! Not customs by the way, I only have four friends i play online with…

They should allow you to go in with at least one map pack required, but like regular matchmaking, if certain people in a match do not have a specific DLC pack, then those maps will not show up for voting.