No XP post match?

Legit played my first game of the day, and because I’m trying to make full use of my xp boost, I didn’t get any xp for my first game of the day.(300 xp + 300 for double XP boost). This plus the insane challenges and the issue with the desync feels really unfair and unfun.

I feel like I have to play in order to continue getting xp and winning games is it’s whole other beast. Players just materializing out of nowhere and murdering me is a hilarious joke.

Too bad the motion sensor doesn’t work how it did in previous Halo titles with a directional arrow indicating that the enemy is above or below you.

Spawns are awful too.

Anyways I just want my 600xp for my game that I had to play. No place to put in a support ticket either. Resulting in me whining on the forums.

$90 well spent. Please master let me spend more. I need to look the best.