No XP on Spartan OPs.

Ok five levels of spartan ops in a row with no XP what so ever…

no i’m not standing at start i get highest kill count and least deaths, but i’m getting bugger all xp.

This is happening to me as well! no idea why I don’t have any messages to say I am banned and I have no been sat around either.

Proof is in my recent game history :frowning:

You’re at the XP cap. Try again in 20 mins.

I wasn’t aware we even have XP caps, how does the caps work then?

I.e timing and how much xp exactly n stuff.

Thanks for the reply

im on the west coast and the cap resets at 2 in the morning for me, but im unaware of what the cap is.

As long as i know the cap is between 100k-150k xp.

Damn… cheers for replys

So how do i find when mine resets?

This is happening to me too, but never got a message for an xp cap reached or anything :frowning:

The time the new daily challenges come up, is the time you can gain xp again.

that would be around about now for me so I might pop on again after some food then see if I can get some more xp! thanks for the helps dudes!

I was told it resets at the same time the daily challenge gets issued. That is 10am GMT.

The daily XP cap resets at midnight HST.