No XP after matches

Im only an SR24 and after every game it skips the XP screen and doesn’t give me any XP. Stuck at 13330 out of 15160.

Anyone having this problem?

you hit the cap for the today

Same here i love 343 for making a FANTASTIC GAME! But really am ANNOYED with their decision to put this cap in :((( CHANGE IT!!

Yep you hit the cap my friend.

Same thing happened to me last night. Wait a few hours and you should be good to go. Not sure how long it the lock out lasts, but it was around 5-8 hours.

that is stupid they should be encourageing people to play not making them not play

This cap is okay for players who don’t fit a lot of hours in a day but to those who do it’s something that’ll be reached quickly. If anything it just needs to be increased. Or outright removed.

So does anyone know when you stop getting xp, when you earn challenges which has xp. Will you soon get that xp or just lose out on all xp total even though this whole subject is bs!

THANKS ALOT who ever can answer this :smiley:

That is seriously stupid…and annoyingly inconvenient. >=/