No Xbox Live Pre-Order Bonus

I just opened up Halo 5 and there was no pre-order bonus that I could find. I pre-ordered from Xbox Live.

Check your email that your Xbox live account is attached to

Nothing in email and I checked in spam folder to - funny exactly 117 spam messages but not one from Xbox or 343 or Halo.

Same thing for me :frowning:

Same here, it’s downloaded, but I can’t get it.

Did you check your games and apps thats were things that are ready to install are located at?

Yes, when the game was downloading it included the req packs, but cant find any of the bonuses anywhere. Not in my ready to install, email, or in-game.

Yeah i didn’t get mine too, also i didnt get the Teishin Raikou Pack as well…

Havent recieved mine either

Yup only REQ-s.I openit and nothing fancy in there, even Teishin Raikou

Check your avaliable downloads on the games screen

Same here! i pre ordered digitally and NOTHING no pre order bonus

i have the pre-order bonus installed, but got nothing when i started the game this morning.

Update: When I started up my game this morning I got my skin and loadout gun.

You’re not losing too much though. Anyway, I find it in my Spartan Center if I remember well… in the Supplies part… I had two bronze and one silver ReqPacks

I also bought the pre order, my buddy got all his REQ packs and expected items. I have yet to get anything after around 15 hours of game play. I’d love to hear if a fix has been found or if one is planned. Thanks.