No winter event challenges?

None of my challenges have the winter event token thing like the previous event… how do i progress in it???


You have to play one game per day.

Loads of people did complain about the last event “forcing” people to play Fiesta, but unsure whether that was a factor.


Oh well that’s lame, kinda liked challenges to unlock stuff. I could understand if it was ranked but moaning about just casual game modes?

Just makes the event stuff even easier to obtain tbh, and the only people to miss out are those who are busy on the odd day instead of those not wanting to do challenges.

Thanks for the answer though

Yeah I’m disappointed to be honest.

I was hoping for a special playlist like many other games do. Or even a Christmas tree in the middle of Deadlock.


Has halo ever had modified maps for special events? I don’t recall that ever happening.

Halo 5 had snow versions/christmas ect

But they haven’t seen to care at all about “forcing” people to play anything? I mean just last week was literally dedicated to forcing people into ranked.

Still, good to know why no event challenges are popping up (even though the event pass says “Complete challenges to advance”…)

It’s per day for this event apparently not the same as the Fiesta. This means you can complete the whole event pass in one go unlike Tenrai which is a longer one.

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I think this is more of an advent calendar or free gift type of thing which is pretty nice. Kinda like the 20th anniversary challenges in mcc each week for some free nameplates.

For this just hop on and play a game each day for the next 10 days. I like the peppermint armor coating you can get tomorrow.

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It’s amazing how bad that are the progression. I liked the Tenrai event aside from hating Fiesta. But the new event actually hard locks me out of getting all the rewards. Since it’s tied to daily logins to get the rewards. But I have to work over much of the holidays. So 343’s new policy is if you can’t play each, and every day then **** you.

How did this even happen when MCC’s progression system was basically flawless. A bunch of very normal challenges you can complete over a several month period of time. Oh yeah that’s right because unlike MCC Infinite is a “live service”. And they need to try to force people to login every day to tell corporate the game is healthy bleh…

I mean that’s opposite of their policy with the battle pass…This is just a free mini event. Sign in and get a random skin or nameplate. I dont think anyone needs to be up in arms about this. It’s not a F*** you to anyone - it’s a small festive event.

Ideal that you have to work and can’t sign in? No, its not. But its also not a slight against you.

It takes like 15 minutes, at most, to complete 1 game per day my guy.


Or do a bot match in like 5 mins. Just tell the family your headed to the bathroom and come back 10 min later :grimacing:

Yes they have. I remember Halo 5 specifically, but I am sure maybe a fast few too.

Yeah it’s kinda silly. And you have 14 days to do 10 matches in 10 days, so you can miss a whole 4 days.

I’m military and I still find time to complete all my challenges every week, in Infinite, Forza, and MCC. It really isn’t that difficult to play a single match.

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wish that was more clearly explained in game. I do think its an improvement, considering it will last long enough that we can complete the event pass over the course of the week, but I was rather confused wondering why the event challenges weren’t showing up after doing my first one