No weapon variety in this beta

If I wanted to use the same gun all game long I would play Destiny or Cod or Battlefield or Titanfall or any other -Yoink- shooting game. Halo was always more dynamic with map pickups and different classes of weapons but no more. You have confirmed to me what Halo 4 did, team slayer is now the worst mode in Halo with hardly any map weapons or power weapons. What is interesting about this game? It still has better, tighter gameplay than those other shooter franchises but why bother? Halo was about all the cool stuff that could happen in a match like triple kills and saving yourself with a pistol. It still has it but it is significantly diminished. Might as well play an interesting game instead like smash bros.

The variety is going to be a lot more vast in the final release remember, the more assets they have in the beta the bigger the download, and maintenance and stuff, most weapons may still need finalising and tweaking and perhaps not even finished yet. I understand your quarrel but the weapons supplied in the beta are enough to test the arena portion, the rest will come. Don’t get down about it :)! you’ll have your fun this year with the final release of H5:G

They can’t unveil everything a year before the game’s release; we haven’t even seen vehicles yet. The beta is more about the actual gameplay, instead of filler like weapons, armor skins, etc.

It’s a beta, the sand box is limited on purpose. Wait until the final game comes out before claiming the sandbox sucks.

I understand but weapons affect gameplay so when u say they testing the gameplay I say halo gameplay to me is not a bunch of brs and dmrs and hardly anything else. I mean I get they can’t show off everything but it represents the game and I want halo to retain it’s identity.

Hes right though older weapons have been removed. Yeah we have a few more promethean weapons. but in the most part they are similar to the covenant and human weapons. What happened to the missile pod, plasma laucher, all brute weapons (side note why aren’t they in the game after the war just go home like nothing happened they should still be having a war against the elites they hate), the sentinel beam. Also why isn’t dual wielding returning? mixing different types of weapons together also kind of created new guns in its own right. The variety and excitement has been sucked out of the franchise by 343.

Feels like the most limited Halo Beta. Wish we could give feedback on much more weapons. More than likely, I can see us being in for surprises near launch, which I typically don’t like from 343. A lot of things can be avoided, if they made time to have more variety in beta weaponry.

It just baffles me whenever people make these types of comments. If I was going to name one high point of the beta, it would definitely be the weapon balancing. We may not have every weapon that we would have in the final game, but if the beta is any indication it is a sign of good things to come.

I actually find myself picking up and using weapon because I actually want to use them. The LR absolutely melts people, the DMR is far more consistent than the BR at range, the AR/SMG are both useful at close range, and the pistol can be very good as well(though I feel it could still use a bit of a buff). And of course all the power weapons are useful as well.

As a sample of the Halo 5 sandbox I am very happy with what I got and there is only more to come. I don’t know how anyone could play most of the previous games and say Halo 5 is a one gun game.

if the Ar, Br, and DMR are balanced with one another its easy to balance the other weapons against them.
The limited weapon roster is intentional. PS its a freakin beta

Yeah, a close-range/semi-mid range assault rifle, an ultra-close range automatic submachine gun, a 4-shot kill 3 burst battle rifle, a long range semi-auto designated marksman rifle, a mid-range sidearm for cleaning up kills, a sniper rifle, a dumb-fire one hit kill rocket launcher, an energy sword, a special energy sword with added movement boost, a lock-on grenade launcher, a semi-auto alien weapon with 2 fire modes depending on zoom level…

Yeah, there’s no weapon variety in the beta.

Not at all.

Keep in mind that they said that they will introduce a lot of unique weapons (not like they did before, with the Promethean AR, BR/DMR, Sniper, etc., but actual variety). Also, we’ve only seen one Promethean weapon and NO Covenant weapons.