No waypoint career? need help!

so whenever i go onto waypoing on xbox i cant view my career stats or access the classified section… this is really annoying as i just finished 1000 games for raider dstt helm and now i cant unlock it. when i go on the website it says i have no stats no attachments nothing please help!

Have you tried reinstalling the Waypoint app for your Xbox? Also, have you tried another Gamertag?

I am able to view your stats on Waypoint (online) just fine:

it’s the waypoint stats that are the problem it won’t let me view the atchatvment awards ect

and I reinstalled it and still no luck

I’m having the same issue, as are many others. Here are some relevant threads. I’ve been having this issue for a few days now, I really want to get my Halo on :frowning: I hope you’ll be able to help out.