No way to access forums on Waypoint App?

Is there no way to get to the forums through the Waypoint App? If there is, its very well hidden. If 343 doesn’t have it on the app, then they need to add it and put it in an obvious place to access(like making the forums thier own tab). Also i don’t see an obvious place to report bugs and players on the app either like the website has added.


The forums aren’t available in the app. There is a Discourse app (Discourse is the software that the forums are built on) that I believe allows you to access various forums that use that software.

Bugs and player reports need to be submitted via the Halo Support site.


Those are very inconvenient things. The Halowaypoint app should have at LEAST a clickable link to the forums and the support site in an obvious spot. No one wants to search and open 3 different things when they all should be built in the Waypoint app for easy access.

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It seems like a pretty goofy plan to me, I’m not sure how a waypoint app didn’t launch with forums…


I’m not sure how a waypoint app didn’t launch with forums…

Just 343 launching incomplete products, nothing unusual to see here. Just wait a year or so for them to patch that in lol


The app isnt bad, but there are just a couple things missing to be complete.

The forums are accessible from the app but it’s kind of out of the way. You have to click on one of the front page articles, then press the 3 line tab on the top left of the page, tap on community, then forums and it’ll take you here. Wish it was implemented better in app.