No Warzone or Warzone FF

Very disappointed, my 2 favorite games were obviously excluded. I had blast playing WZ in H5. You had to earn your armors, weapons and vehicles and had a choice of which one you wanted to pull out. BTB if you’re not fast enough you don’t get to use anything but the load out your given. Not much fun! No companies, no social games. These things made H5 fun to play. You met new friends and it promoted teamwork. Now there’s nothing but hundreds of cosmetics to earn.

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I loved Firefight. I also would love being able to do the open world part with my MP Spartan. Some mode where you could do that (or something similar) with friends would be amazing.

I agree. If it’s not broken don’t fix it… I don’t play competitive games, too old and slow… lol. That kind of leaves nothing to play anymore in multiplayer.