No trait zones or gravity volumes?!?

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First off if I am being a complete retard and I am not seeing the traits zones and gravity volumes then happily mock me down below but first tell me where they are. Secondly if there isn’t any why? They both were extremely useful tools for customs games like slayer and especially for mini games. The forge is so extensive so why in the -Yoinking!- world would there not be something as simple but as important as these two things?

I am so willing to bet that a response that they would give would include something with “competitive” in it. Because gravity and traits are not balanced factors of gameplay. Another way of influencing (read as forcing) competitive influence into what was once fun casual gameplay. No matter how you look at it, anything and everything in this game is designed for competitive gameplay, with the exception of REQ which solely exists as funding given to the winners of HCS.
God forbid we want regular fun in Halo, have to be competitive.

That is too bad to be honest @chaosagito. Halo 3 evolved Halo so much because it allowed for laid back and fun gameplay. Trait zones and gravity volumes left us with such a variety of custom games. Not everyone wants to be competitive with halo 5. Ever wonder the reasons why Halo 5 sales were extremely low? There are a million of them but one of them could be that forge hadn’t been coming out at launch. You can still have your competitive side of Halo while casuals still having their casual side of Halo. Arena matchmaking is 100 percent competitive. Trait zones and gravity volumes are no doubt not going to be in matchmaking (unless they add team action sack). Even then you don’t need to search in that playlist; No one is forcing you to join casual custom game lobbies. What made Halo 3 and the rest of the Halo’s so unique from all the other FPS’s was that it could still be a casual game while having a competitive side to it.