No trait zones in Forge

I’ve been slowly getting used to Halo 5 forge so I can start building some maps I’ve been planning out. 3 of them require trait zones but didn’t work in H2A for various reasons so I waited for Halo 5 to build them, but now there are no trait zones? WTF 343?

I was really looking forward to this forge and I’m glad they kept and added a million new features but getting rid of trait zones is the dumbest decision I’ve seen in this forge!

Does anyone else want this feature back?

yes i was sad when i found out trait zones weren’t in but then there are tons of basic shapes and tons of sizes for floors, walls etc…seriously

Traits zones were one of the BEST features 343 actually spanked Bungie with…removed. -_- Bring it back! It helped separate team traits, for reasonable sakes!

We’ll just have to hope 343 adds it in in a later patch.