No Tenrai Challeneges?

When I started up today I had two challeneges (which I completed) but no more loaded up. Used a challenge swap and none reloaded…



At the moment it seems like the max you can do is 7

Gotta keep swapping till you get one

Oh my god…. That’s a little ridiculous considering this is a timed event. LOL


Because it’s split up into multiple weeks for the event, I’m assuming that’s their justification for limiting the amount of challenges.

3 events with 7 challenges … 30 levels… dey is S.M.A.R.T.?

It’s 7 weeks, not 3. Check they waypoint app to see the whole list.

What? A timed event where you have to complete 5 challenges but you only get 2-3 guaranteed challenges and the rest is chance? You can’t be serious? 343 can’t be serious is really what is happening. I had 2 challenges, completed them and got 1. Completed it and now I’ve had none for a long while. WTF?

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You should have 7 interspersed through all of your weekly challenges. That’s it for this week. 🤷

It’s actually 6 weeks since week 1 (in the app) was from the 18th of September till the 7th of November. The MP came out on the 15th of November though…

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This is what I’m saying!

If you’ve only had 2 so far look at your upcoming challenges. There should be 5 on that list.

Everyone should have 7 event weekly challenges this week to get to stage 7 on the event pass.

If that’s not the case it sounds like a bug.

They know the game is garbage, try forcing players attend it

your telling me im trying not to use all my skips but some of the challenges wont track right

Yea gotta use swaps or complete more weeklies till an event one pops up and there are only 7 you can complete each week of the event.

Well the Event is supposed to be on rotation, so imagine this, but rotating between like, 3 other events, so in the weeks where there isn’t the Tenrai Event, imagine another event.

In the short term, yeah it’s all so friggin’ empty, but in the long term, they’ll be rotating through a series of events consistently, but at the mo’ there’s only 1 event, so it’ll be rotating between Tenrai, and nothing.

Ahh - that makes sense! Thank you for explaining.