No Teammate-Collision but they still block shots, nades, and rockets?

It’s even worse because they can just walk right through you as you are throwing a grenade or shooting a rocket and boom, instant death! What the barg is going on here???


The worst is when you have a headshot lined up, pull the trigger and a teammate runs by in front of you instead of behind…


It’s happened to me soooo many times. An amazing shots presents itself then it’s promptly interrupted by the fat stupid -Yoink!- of one of my teammates.


My thing about this is why we get one radically different explanation of why this is from what we’re seeing. And then you get a mint blitz video that explains something completely different from the original explanation , and it makes more sense with what your seeing.

I wish they would just say, yup, the code is bad. Were working on it.

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I believe there is no perfect answer to this. If you think about all the various doorways in Infinite, the no player collision makes sense, but then this when you nade, fire your weapon… etc. it hits your teammate and it’s extremely frustrating.

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I think this is something done to mitigate perceived desync.

I saw a video that shown that player collision works differently between online and offline modes. When collision is turned on it is unfinished and glitchy, but even then seems better offline. Similarly, vehicle physics seem to be less prominent in online matches than offline.

My evidence that it is connected to desync comes from online matches and playing the online-coop flight with my girlfriend. In online matches I’ve had times where my body died, a player tried to t-bag my body, but they were no where near it. Or switching spots on a warthog and have it glitch. Like when driving I honk the horn and the gun fires, or other way around, you’re on the gun and fire, but the horn goes off. Or like when I’m vehicle or player is moving, but then it is like the game grabs me and moves me to where it thought I was supposed to be while everyone else is unaffected. (unlike lag when my game seems fine, but other people are jittering around before suddenly catching up.)
During the flight we were at one of the spires, I was on the ground around the trees, and on my screen my girlfriend was walking along a treeline. On her screen, she was at the top of the spire, but couldn’t interact with anything. She would jump down, go back to where her body was on my screen and try to walk back up the stairs, but her player model on my screen walked back down and back to the trees while on her screen she was up top again. Killing her seemed to resync her.

So I think despite what they say, I think they turned collision and vehicle physics off specifically because either the net-code or the servers themselves can’t keep track of keeping something so random in sync with every player, so they keep it off until they find a solution.

I’m not saying this to excuse any of it, I’m saying because I feel like if they are turning settings off to hide unfinished things, then it makes me wonder what else is broken that we can’t see.

Speculation at this point is probably unhelpful, but more in depth explanation from the devs would do much to quash it

The speculation ends at “they can’t code” or “Microsoft won’t pay for workers they can’t exploit”


Disagree on the former point… The coding isn’t the issue. The testing most definitely is.

On the latter point… Wouldn’t go so far as to say ‘exploit’, but the lack of permanent or significantly long-term contracts is definitely not helping and given Xbox Game Studios backing there is no way they can’t give longer contracts

No, it does not make sense. Halo as a franchise has been fine, the obstacles they described are strait from the back of the case on a call of duty game. This is utter nonsense, and needs to be called as such. Jumping off teammates heads for clever flag pulls or shortcuts is one of the best elements to halo multiplayer to me, and by their own admission that is the majority opinion. They keep dieing on hills of “we know better than the majority” without ever acknowledging the majority has moved on already. If that were true that they knew better, then the players wouldn’t have been proven correct by the flushed dev’s actions would it? Numbers dont lie, 343I scalped this whole franchise in a way that it will never recover from let alone grow beyond. With infinite seemingly self sabotaging at every step of the way, I bought MCC to let my gamepass lapse only to discover cant play multiplayer even owning the title without gamepass anyway. There is no redeeming a company of its core tenants.

The deflection they gave wasnt even about halo gameplay, it was clearly about their experience playing COD and wanting to “show up the world” with their new title. I have never in my life had these issues in halo, likely because a sticky grenade has always done great to wake a team mate up or just a warning shot to make them take cover.

I dont play either now, though do ctrl f desync when new infinite hype drops. Seems like they want to drop forge on a broken foundation and hope the battle royal carries but I think if forge drops overshadowed by desync and battle royal drops under the shadow as well even the oldest and most optimistic fans will understand the real line in the sand at this point is like playable by 2042.

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I fear desync is now being majorly overused by all sections though… I know many people who don’t have a desync issue… They just have rubbish Internet!

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