No Team Doubles... Who's upset?

My friend and I “Commanderyumyum” have spent a lot of time in doubles. Both in Halo Reach and 3. The fact that they didn’t take the time to include this playlist is very disappointing to me. I’m not here to complain about game mechanics, how many shots it takes to kill, or anything like that. I just want Doubles back. I know it’s contrary to there system where there’s only one game type per playlist, but I don’t think it’ll kill them to add it:P

One disappointment after another, setback after setback, loss after loss…

There is already too many topics on this, please post in one of them so the forum isn’t littered with repeat topics.

But to answer your question, I personally don’t care that Doubles isn’t in game at the moment, but according to other members, the other games didn’t have Doubles at launch.

Not me. Yes I do play Doubles most of the time with my friend, and yes we win most of the time, but there are plenty of other good playlists to try out.

I know a lot of people like doubles. They want to keep the playlist saturated over a few playlist to gain population. I feel for players who don’t have their playlist. But we can still hone our skills in other playlist until 343 implements the other playlist.

I’m sure it will be added, it’s called waiting patiently.

Honestly don’t care. Sad how people let one gamemode ruin an experience.

I think because we’re so used to playing those gametypes in Halo 3 and Reach, we completely forgot the fact that a lot of those said gametypes weren’t included at launch either.

People actually are overreacting about this.

It will be back soon. Give it a month.

Where can I see the playlists? I can’t fine them.

I sure couldn’t be more disapointed…

The game looks amazing but what’s the point if I can’t play my favorite playlist.

Not me.