No Swordbase in Beta Playlist?

Damn, I love that map in TS. That would have been the perfect [temp] Slayer playlist!

I hope 343i will show Swordbase some love in the future; I barely ever get to play on it at all nowadays. Did Bungie reduce its weighting? Don’t get me wrong - I love Countdown, Asylum and The Cage etc, but Swordbase is a great, highly strategic TS map, too. Give us a better chance of voting for it 343, thanks!

I think Swordbase comes up every other time I play TS if not more.

Anyone find it funny how the map hes listing are the ones everyone hates?

Anyway, id like sword base if it just got rid of the lift room. It would be perfect.

I personally would love to see maps like Swordbase at least get a shot in the beta playlist. I think Swordbase would play alot better than it does right now without things like Jet-pack breaking map control and with a modified weapon layout and reduced bloom I think it would be a good idea to give it a try. I think Tempest should definetly be put in the classic playlist when it hits Nov.15. It just feels so nostalgic to play on tempest for some odd reason. Only thing I wish now is that grenades had a smaller radius or longer fuse time :\

I like Sword Base. One of the better maps in Reach IMO. Then again I’m a close quarters guy. I prefer inside settings.

sword base is a badass map

the only maps i liked from halo ce were sidewinder and bloodgulch almost every halo 2 map were awesome halo 3 had a couple good maps halo reach has pretty good maps itself but lots of the maps are forged made but there just maps

More swordbase!

Swordbase should NEVER be apart of a Halo’s competitive experience, EVER.

No, please no.

That map is absolutely terrible.

Swordbase is awesome!

Thanks god, sword base is a lame map.