No Swat In War Games?? :(

Please tell me im wrong and there is swat!!

Its all i played on reach and looking so much for it in HALO 4 !!


It wont be here immediately… I’m sure they’ll put it in there sometime soon

Swat wasn’t in reach at launch. Not sure about halo 2 or 3. relax, it’s coming.

I remember that every time in Reach, when I jumped into the team slayer playlist and people voted for Swat or Snipers I’d find the nearest ledge and spend the game killing myself.

good campaign, horrible multiplayer/custom selections. they eventually will put swat in though,

There is swat. it was in on the 343 livestream. At the very least it’s in customs.
Also, Ducain23 has a forge video, and when he was playing with the gametype, he noticed SWAT.