No such thing as "get good"

If you’re bad you will always be bad.

Nothing helps.

Been playing for years never gotten better


Its VERY hard to learn from your mistakes and adapt a new playstyle.
For example; i like to rush and be aggressive on playing the obj but this does not work outright like this in the game.
However, it does not help when enemies can seemingly 2 burst shoot & down me but I can hit someone 5 times and they don’t go down. I experience this pretty often, perhaps 40% of the time or so.


“Bad” is super subjective, but I think I know where you’re going with this one. I’ve got a few friends who’ve been playing since Halo 2 and currently in Infinite they can’t get passed Platinum 4. You do the math on that one of how many years of gameplay.

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Team work in Halo Infinite is super beneficial especially when it comes to objective gamemodes. Team shooting has never been more essential to success and winning matches in any other Halo title.


Kind of a self fulfilling prophecy, OP.

I think we all have a personal “skill ceiling” that represents about where we can realistically top off, but in Halo as in so many other areas of life, I think most of us really don’t have much awareness of our limitations.

I’m an okay PvP Halo player on a good day, and a mediocre one most of the rest of the time. And it’s discouraging, as someone who’s played for over a decade and wanted to get a lot better. But while I may not be at “good”, I am certainly a lot better than I used to be. Sometimes I just get frustrated when I’m losing, and that doesn’t foster growth or improvement at all. But I have found when I can be calm and evaluate my gameplay, trying to understand why I win or lose certain encounters and trying not to repeat bad habits and mistakes, I can and do grow as a player.

Ultimately it isn’t a great life aspiration for me to become great at Halo multiplayer, but I do love these games and it’s never fun to lose at something you love. So I get the frustration, and I experience it often myself. But if you truly believe you can’t get better, you probably won’t. If you instead accept that it’s sometimes really slow and painful to advance at any skill, and just try to make tiny improvements wherever you can and pay a lot of attention to how you’re playing and watching how others have success, you absolutely can get better.

And don’t sweat it when someone hits you with a “get gud scrub”. Those people just want to tear you down.


I feel like most people eventually reach a peak. I probably havent improved my skill in years either despite playing hundreds of hours in that time.

Unless you are a pro grinding 8 hours a day. Then youre bound to improve even if its very slowly


I agree fellow Spartan. Communication and the focus of communicating with teammates and working together is another great way to improve on the other side of gaming. Having strategies, plans and communication can greatly help to improve your gameplay.

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Haven’t won a single game today.

Normal experience of solo cue.

I’ve won games with an afk teamate.
How can i be worse than afk

You can get better you just need to keep playing challenging matches. Learn some new tricks from someone or experiment yourself. Aiming with a gun will only get you so far.

I miss gaming communities like how they were back when I played Quake religiously. So much has changed since then, things you don’t see any more.

  • Plenty of people willing to help newer players get better, even if on the other teams.
  • Plenty of people willing to listen to advice
  • Large Websites, gaming communities and even servers dedicated to getting information to players and helping them grow.
  • Custom Game Server Browsers were how people found matches, and you could add favorites and run into people frequently that you enjoyed playing with. Matchmaking servers don’t provide this, they’re only there to do work for the player instead of having them do stuff themselves to get them into matches quicker. But you lose oh so much relying on matchmakers in the progress.

Communities as a whole were fun. The biggest thing now though is that people do post youtube video’s on how to do things and you can get plenty of information from those. But people just don’t tolerate talking to anyone now unless they already know the person, so growing is extremely more difficult to do.

Well yeah, cause it’s called git gud.

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Went from Mid Gold to Masters in Overwatch by learning some of the mechanics and practicing drills. General statement I know, but it sure didn’t happen over night.

It’s not difficult to apply some external effort, the trade off seldom interests players. Some games just aren’t worth that effort, that’s entirely understandable.

I was horrible at Halo 3 when I was 14, turns out I was just bad on consoles/controller. Sometimes it’s just the medium you play on that limits your abilities.

There’s always room for improvement, it’s the belief you have to be the very best that’s actually the biggest limiting factor. Stop deluding yourself that you have to be Top Onyx/GM/GE to be good and settle for greatness in the rank you’re in while improving on your abilities to push you to the next step.

I went on a 65 game losing streak in Overwatch once, sixty-freakin-five.

Of course you can get better. If I played infinite the way I played halo when I started, I’d be a silver in ranked if I even completed the placements.

Git gud casul

That algorithm doing its thing again. You have to have a 50% win/loss, by any means necessary. You will not be allowed to have fun. The floggings will continue until morale improves.

Some people around here swear that’s the best way to build a matchmaking system but I remain skeptical.

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That’s what I keep trying to tell people. Too many randoms are trying to Rambo in and force 1v1 fights and in this game it’s almost exclusively about who got the first shot off.

Everyone needs to realize a 1v1 fight is a last resort, not a meta strategy.

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I’mma be honest, kinda sounds like SBMM biting you in the tush. “You did well yesterday? I guess that means it’s time for sweatier matches.” You may want to sit around for a bit and pop into MCC, then come back later when the population is better (or more “noobish”)

Seriously, as much as I want Infinite to do good, the way matches are set up is terrible. Combined with Infinite’s overall inconsistencies and the game becomes a drag.

Funny. I won all of the solo games i played (4 games) but lost 4/5 the teamed games with friends. Those lost games nothing was going my way. It was unreal. (Then again maybe not for this game)

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Everyone starts of bad and got better.

OP is a massive pity party. “I lose because I’m solo” “If you’re bad you can’t improv” “take away win challenges” QQ after QQ with this guy.

OP, according to himself, has a 10/90 win loss. He might have found a way out of the matrix.

By Odin’s ravens, if we could harness this power and invert it to have a 90% win rate…

I pretty much used the Rambo approach for a few months haha since I didn’t know any better. it worked ok in BTB…. until I tried ranked….i got ranked very low likely because my deaths usually surpassed my change in and shoot everyone and get killed strategy. I’m now rethinking my lack of game plan and hopefully improve. I feel like sometimes you have to be aggressive though especially when you have guys just hanging back trying for easy kills and avoid the objectives sometimes someone on the team has to step up.

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