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343 should remove the cat ears and all the other stupid cosmetics that DONT belong in Halo and take away from the classic art style and the immersion of the game. I don’t wanna see halo go the route of call of duty with stupid skins and cosmetics that ruin the game and take away from the immersion and whatever realism that is in the game NO CAT EARS, NO ANIME like b#llshit ECT keep halo pure


If people buy them then I guess that’s what the people want. I don’t like the cat ears, but I’ve already seen loads of them so I guess people want them.

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Sorry man, this is just the beginning. You’ll be wishing we could go back to cat ears in no time.


I want the dance emojis like in destiny!!!

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I dont think a spartan with their head on fire for a cosmetic effect is very realistic, they should remove it


343 should remove the cat ears and all the other stupid cosmetics that DONT belong in Halo and take away from the classic art style and the immersion of the game.

Agreed. This is a strictly serious science fiction setting and there’s NO ROOM for immersion breaking silliness. Like confetti exploding from headshots, burning helmets, burning shoulder pieces, magical lightning storms above a spartan’s head, and pink armor.


You’re right, guess Bungie should’ve thought long and hard about putting that ridiculous Hayabusa ninja armor in Halo 3 along side the unusable sword.

Fotus? More like No-tus. Nobody should be walking around looking like a space unicorn.

Reach’s “Haunted” helmet? Noble 6 should’ve been dead the minute he took his helmet off in that intro cutscene because he clearly didn’t have a head. It’s not even living, it’s just bone.

Flaming helmets across all titles? Like are you trying to make me believe this game or not?

And forget all the additional pieces in MCC like the Mister Chief mariner variant, or the entirety of Season 8’s armor, don’t even get me started on the Duke shoulder pads and the other ridiculous 20th anniversary cosmetics. Absolutely game breaking and immersion ruining.

Sarcasm aside, did I cover most of the ridiculous cosmetics that set a precedent for Meownir cat ears and how players enjoy this kind of subtle kookiness?


you nuts halo has always had a funny side here and there its part of the experience jeez its mcc s8 all over again

if you dont like them dont get them easy solution fo you


I haven’t yet but ive seen folks asking for it to show

that and cqb


Don’t tell me how to Halo.

If the day should come when a bundle includes rabbit ears and a cottontail I’ll buy it so fast it’ll make your head spin.


uh oh, fragile masculinity alert! halo’s never taken itself THAT seriously, this isn’t grimdark batman universe. do you not remember grunts spouting confetti with the ‘yay’ sound effect when you headshot them? and all the enemy banter just in halo infinite alone? just let yourself and other people have FUN, it’s not that hard. you don’t have to have your fun in exactly the same way as someone else either. if you don’t want cat ears, then just don’t get them!

also: WHAT REALISM?! this is a game set in SPACE with ALIENS and SWEET TECHNOLOGY THAT DOES NOT EXIST IN REALITY. it might one day exist but it doesn’t now, so it’s not real. i don’t understand these takes, it’s always “but muh realism” about the things that ARENT real in our present realities. humans are real now. cat ear items are real now. we make things like headsets and headbands and hats with cat ears! humans fricken LOVE putting unnecessary animal ears on things. BECAUSE IT’S FUN. and just like in the real world, if you don’t want to wear something with cat ears on it, you do not have to BUT! you don’t get to tell other people they can’t wear things with cat ears on.

anyway i just put cat ears on my spartan nya~ and my friends and i are gonna have so much fun rolling around as cat squad :heart_eyes_cat: hope u get well soon from ur grumpitis


Yall can enjoy being reactionary to an emotional post, but there are some silly looking pieces for sure.

Ever since Infinite first came out I thought the free HCS coating looked so silly. It reminds me of a 6 year old’s plastic toy figure or those red white and blue popsicles. Lol.

But whatever, just keep putting that stuff on because it ain’t leaving anyways. What’s done is done.

This was going to be the case the moment halo went F2P. I just didn’t think it would happen so quickly. Was hoping for a ton of cool halo-esque cosmetics before all this other nonsense got tossed in.

You’re just going to have to accept that cat people are a gender or peoples now, this is inclusive.

To be fair, I thought 343 Meowlnar was just an easter egg thing

A few seasons in things will level out, but it’s the same issue in Rainbow Six basically everyone runs wacky outfits for the meme factor.

At least the cat ears aren’t THAT egregious and keep in mind Multiplayer is effectively Spartan VR training, so them having goofy stuff isn’t outside the realm of realism either.


Dude, now I want a Cyclone popsicle. Thanks!

I don’t mind things like the cat ears as long as they aren’t impacting the availability of something truly Halo.

I’ve never seen a cyclone popsicle but haha it looks like what I was saying. What I was thinking of was a “bomb popsicle” or “firecracker.”

Maybe that’s just the Canadian name for it lol. Either way describing the HCS coating like that was spot on haha

People actually bought them? Halos doomed

Someone doesn’t like fun lol

I would never wear them on any of my spartan armor as they’re just not for me and I also like my hulking military space marine to look serious and badass, but why stop others from putting teddy bears up their butt if they want?

Just win and show them who has the superior look or something lmao.

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