No Story Spoilers, but does anyone know how to get the locker and last armor point on the tower?

The map and ping system says it’s on top of the tower, but when I get up there they aren’t there. The Skull was up there, but not the locker and last upgrade point.

the armor core is in the court yard, the locker is under one of the rear supports. Think of things on the map as ‘look around from here’ rather than this is were it actually is.

Alright thanks I’ll keep looking when I get home. Might be a bug with the ping system then cause I got the stuff inside the tower just needed those last two which the game said we’re on top.

It’s working as intended. The whole campaign is about exploration. There are a lot of cool, interesting things that you can find that won’t ever pop up on the map. When it comes to finding the cores and the like the scan button and the beeping noise they make are your friend. There are even a couple of lockers that don’t appear on the map at all that I’ve found.

Yeah I’ve found a few as well as some audio logs. It might of been pointing me in the right direction but got stuck on top of the tower. Didn’t think about looking below it so I’ll have to go double check. They were probably right there in front of me and I just walked past them.