No sticky challenges?

There are a ton of absurd challenges in the game, but why is there never any sticky grenade challenges. For me, killing ppl with a well placed sticky happens nearly as often as a melee kill. Can we replace some of the absurd challenges with a couple of these? Heck a game mode where we only had unlimited stickies and the cow bell skull on would be awesome.

I’m old school and I get a lot of kills with sticks, but I’ve noticed I rarely get stuck, ppl always go for the melee or gun never the stick. Do other ppl experience this? Stickies use to be a pretty mainstream way of getting kills in the game, but now it’s rare. A challenge would encourage players to use this more often.

I have to admit it’s pretty fun being one of the few who still prefers the stick over other kill types. It’s got to be super frustrating to kill me then walk away and explode thinking you won. If I don’t kill you with my gun you are most likely to die from my grave with a well placed stick.


This is why the Challenge system needs to be reworked.
On one hand, people can’t even get sticks off consistently due to desync, on another hand, there’s people like you.

Just have score based XP gain, then Challenges at the side which are challenging but also not compulsory to progress.

I think there is one I remember seeing a few weeks ago. It was something pretty high though, like stick 5 enemies. I don’t see a pop-up in challenges often but it’s there.

There was, but that was before the challenges were changed, so perhaps that one was removed too.

I think the weekly challenges are mostly fine as they are now (only problem i have is the ‘forcing’ into certain playlists). But i think the game should have a commendation system where you can unlock armours, coatings, etc. for doing certain stuff. There you could have things like x amount of stickies, sniper kills, pancakes, mind the gaps, etc. (with the X being a large number and based on how easy/hard you can get them). I think that would be best.

Ofcourse the score based XP for a progression system should return, although i thought 343 was already working on that?

i totally had a stick 1 enemy player in pvp challenge this week.
so it seems like its still here, prob just not as often tho.
i was fearful it was gonna be super hard but was surprisingly easier than a lot of the other ones.

Really? I’ve never seen it a single time. True I don’t play every week, but I would just think it’d be more often like a melee challenge.

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yeah, it’s in the game, but i’ve only had it like once or twice.

^ Link to all challenges (current or invalid)

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Unlimited stickies?!?!?! Fellow Spartan, that sounds like an absolute insane, wild, crazy, but fun game mode! Maybe one day we’ll be able to do that.

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It would be like an awesome snowball fight. It’d probably be so fun you wouldn’t even get mad at losing,

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Personally I’d love sticky challenges. I get sticks with plasma and brute grenades all the time. Years of sticky dodgeball customs gets you a lot of practice. One thing I never see people do is get fastball kills. Just lower their shields and chuck a frag at them to throw a fast ball. I don’t do it either, since shooting is faster and more accurate, but I love seeing it pop up on the kill feed like a Ninja kill. It’s a nice flex. I hate when desync makes my sticky bounce off the enemy though.

It’s in there, I got it this week. I had to get 5 sticks with either the PG or SG.

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Funny you say your old school because same here and my first custom game I made was with sticky grenades that stuck only counted as a kill. Only got to play it with bots which got boring fast so, I would love to try it out with other people and I plan on making an awesome map for it once Forge comes out.

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given how awfully stickies work in this game I’m thankful.

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Plasma grenades work for me

That’s how I finished one of the ultimate challenges

Still haven’t got a stick challenge yet but I did get a grenade kill challenge, which is at least something. But like I said earlier I haven’t been playing as much lately so maybe I’m just missing those weeks that had them.

That was the same challenge I had but I fished it using a sticky grenade I meant

It is kind of weird that stickies aren’t challenges.

Has anyone ever got an actual stick challenge? Not grenade kill.