No stay Signed In on Halo waypoint?

HI, for sometime, about 4-6 months. I am being forced to sign in every time i visit halowaypoint(dot)com

There is no stay signed in option either. But i do stay signed in on forums(dot)halowaypoint(dot)com

I used Microsoft authenticator. Not sure if that is causing this.

Any Ideas? anyone else facing this issue or knows a fix?

also why cant i post links? its one of those trust level things I suppose.

You don’t like being signed out after 4-6 month intervals?

That is a pretty long time already. The problem you have might not be something necessarily with the Waypoint and well its new SSO forums/blog site. I mean they just updated so we were all signed out, but in the occasion you are signed out again after its probably because they updated the site or you are clearing your browsers cache-login-history or to even go a bit further, shutdown your PC completely.

Sorry if it wasnt clear. I meant i have had this problem from 4 to 6 months.

And in that time i have had to login countless time i have trued using the site.

I am also having to sign in every day.

Yeah, almost every visit. Forums are fine though. They seem to be very separate entities.

Do you allow cookies on the site or have a setting on your browser that signs you out of everything once the browser is closed?

That may be the issue

It could be that. I will check it out. Thanks