No Starting or Infinite equipment?

Trying to set up a custom Oddball gametype showed me that you can’t start with any equipment, or turn on unlimited equipment usage. Perhaps this will be changed by December 8th, but it’s rather limiting as-is.


I was thinking the same thing… I have a lot of game mode ideas that require infinite ability use. Hopefully it’s something we’ll see in the full version.


I would bet that would come with the full version. I would quite surprised if something like that did not.


Same I was trying to run a custom game with starting an unlimitrd equipment but couldn’t do it :frowning: it needs to be added

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You can actually. I forgot what setting it’s under but it’s possible.

The menus are so complicated that the fact that you say the option exists doesn’t even surprise me

Oh , I agree. It’s more complicated than it needs to be.

Infinite Zero cooldown Grapple is a absolute MUST.!!!

I chalk this up to the fact that the full game is not released yet, and also we won’t have full Forge for some time.

Given how many severe bugs there are with the theater mode, I’m thinking that an update on December 8th will include more finished features than what we have right now.

If you give yourself infinite ammo you get infinite equipment

No, not in custom games