No Standees

On occasion during a Free For all I’ll see a player just standing there not doing anything…so I’ll take them down for the easy kill but why? Is it an easy way to get XP’s? Would the MP system catch the Standees and kick them out?

yes the game boots them

Some people start a game and then get occupied with something else. They are either unaware, or too busy to care that they can get banned for idling, usually within a few minutes while still in the game! This is not as common in FFA, but in large team games like war zone people will do this because they can get xp points for their team’s effort in winning. If you are not playing, the system will catch you because if you die you have to hit x to respawn. However, some people try to dodge this by going and hiding somewhere that they will not be found and killed, however they too can get banned.