No SR rank or progression?

Title says it…is there really no SR rank in this game? Are we only playing to rank up the battle pass?

Unrelated, but will we see a service record for this game as well?

As of now, there isn’t a progression system like the SR rank from Halo 4 and 5. They are working on although it’s gonna take some time to implement.

After delaying the game a year they still can’t implement a structured progression system? That’s an abomination and an embarrassment.

They spent that year fixing other issues and implanting things that the community requested. A progression system is coming it just won’t be during Season 1 or 2. They still have to roll out co-op and forge while tweaking the battle pass system and continuing to push new content out.

I would /love/ to have even just a level of how many matches I have played, how many I have won, what “level” I am based on xp, just to know where I am in relation to other players. Even if that resets each season, something that doesn’t even mean a lot, could keep longevity and help make players want to play more.

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Let’s stop making excuses for this team. Having no rank system is inexcusable.

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