No Sprint Please

Sprint isn’t a core mechanic in Halo. I’m saying you can 1v1 BR if sprint exists, but because the ttk is so high, you’re just going to have people sprint by your teammates to finish you. You can’t defend yourself either because again, ttk to high. Also, don’t give me any bs about how sprint is barely faster in this game, it’s much faster than normal movement. I upped the movespeed to 110% once and it still wasn’t as fast as sprint.

How exactly does sprint break combat flow? The purpose of sprint is to relocate faster than your normal movement speed could carry you. The trade-off is that you can’t shoot while you are sprinting. It’s a decision tree based around taking the time to setup your next move vs continuing to defend your current position.

are we still on this? its not going away its balanced infinite its here its staying fro good nothing will make this happen

Yeah dude barking up the wrong tree, though it would be preferred.

If somebody sprints past your teammates to laser-focus kill you, then they’re going to be stuck stranded behind enemy lines with three enemies shooting at them. They’ve gained nothing. It’s a bad play.

Also, if an enemy is sprinting at you, they can’t also be shooting you. So just shoot them a couple of times while they run at you and melee them to death when they get to you. Again, it’s a really bad strategy.

I don’t understand the problem.

Are you not reading what I’m typing?

I’m saying that what you’re typing isn’t making sense.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a bad move or not. They sprint up to you, finish you, and sometimes your teammates don’t even react and they get away. It’s almost like your talking from concept rather than reality. People, especially COD players (which make up most of this game’s population) like to ignore what’s going on around them in favor of what’s in front of them, So while they might have a good experience sprinting around the map in la-la land, I’m having the bad experience because while I win my fights, I get sprinted on.

I initially thought I wanted sprint to be a bit faster… But I’m warming to the current settings.

It works well with sliding.

Then you have the equipment to really get you moving.

You’re never going to convince the classic stalwarts… But I think 343 have done a fantastic job with the movement.

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Yeah, I really like the overall movement in Infinite.

I get it. I was a classic stalwart once, myself. Many years ago. But video games have evolved a lot in the last decade. Now I have a hard time going back to an FPS that doesn’t have the same polish on it. Not having the same freedom of movement feels stifling in a gametype that revolves around positioning and map control.

I really like how Halo Infinite has modernized it’s mechanics while keeping with the classic Halo feel, which largely revolves around TTK, vehicles, power weapons, vertical movement and trajectories, melee, and grenades.

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I feel you, man. Bad teammates are bad. But that’s not the game’s fault, and it doesn’t mean that the mechanics should change to compensate. This is a team game after all.

You might feel differently once the FFA playlists are up, and you can play your way without having to compensate for unfortunate matchmaking.

Sprint doesn’t work with ttk because reasons I stated, it makes vehicles much less powerful/important, it nerfs power weapons like the sniper, destroys any reason to get on top of the map (like in normal Halo gameplay) because you can just sprint around and through the lower portions without even being seen half the time, makes trajectories irrelevant because you can just sprint away if you don’t like your current position compared to the enemy player, makes melee broken in some occasions, and grenades nigh useless since they can just sprint out of their current position.

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Halo hasn’t been an FFA game since after 2. It’s pure dog -Yoink!-.

The only “core” mechanics that make an FPS, are a first person perspective and a firearm of some kind. Superhot, Overwatch, CSGO, Valorant, DOOM, these are all modern, successful FPS games without sprint as a base mechanic (Soldier 76 being the one character, with the one sprint ability, among myriad more characters and abilities). Bungie tested and promptly ditched sprint for Halo 2, and chose not to implement it for Halo 3 or ODST, finally placing it as one option of many personal power-ups in their final, spin-off game.

Whether or not you like sprint’s effect on gameplay is subjective, however the effects that it has are very much objective, and change the gameplay style. Halo as a franchise established itself with a gameplay style where movement was specifically designed not to interrupt combat in any way, no matter the speed. Whereas now, there is an artificial separation of top movement speed, and fighting movement speed.


Sprint has been a mechanic longer than Halo has been a franchise, so what exactly is “modern” about it?


Exactly. You can sprint in the original Rainbow Six.

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The fact that sprint is nigh useless in Infinite makes those moments where my target does sprint around a corner that much more frustrating than a game like Halo 4, where it’s kinda a given that people will turn tail and run. I definitely prefer a sprint-free Halo, myself.


The best way to balance sprint is to make it an equipment. Except it would be more of a speed boost like in H2A.


Why are you shooting at someone running up to kill you and not sending a grenade their way or disengaging?

This isn’t a sprint or TTK issue, this is a looking at a truck about to run you over sort of situation.

Also the whole thing of it taking two melees to kill someone, and someone sprinting is softening you up with shots first, so there’s no reason you should be dying in this scenario.

Speed boost was a powerup in Halo 3 for custom games. I was hoping they would add that. It’d be pretty great imo. Heck, even if we got “sprint” but it was just a speed boost but you could still shoot. I hate that we got the same generic, cookie cutter mechanic from every other FPS instead of something that may actually be better fitting for Halo.

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