No Sprint Please

Yes you can turn it off in custom games, but I also want there to be playlists without it. If they want us to run fast, why not just remove it and increase the movement speed? Better flow for combat, and adds to the fun.


Don’t even try, man. We’ve been trying a decade to no avail. The longest thread before the overhaul was a sprint thread, and it was looooooooooong.


The sprint in this game works fine, why remove it?


I explained in my edit.


The point of sprint is to make it so that you trade being able to shoot for extra movement. It makes choosing speed actually have a downside. If you choose to not sprint you can probably get the first couple shots off and kill the enemy first or you can sprint and sacrifice that to get to safety or a new weapon or position of power.

Sprint is a utility that i enjoy. It is a good thing for the gameplay and has been utilized well for infinite unlike halo 4.


Nah, I’m ok with the sprint in Halo Infinite. It is slower than Halo 5 sprint and comes with the disadvantage of having slower target acquisition. There is a great youtube video where a sprint person and a regular movement person race across the map, the sprint is actually much slower than you think, it’s not always advantageous to sprint everywhere, it is mainly useful for sprinting away from direct danger to cover or sprinting to objectives after a respawn, doing it outside of those situations is often detrimental.


OMG this is still a thing? Give it up, already! LOL
Halo purists are the worst.


Oh man, are we reviving this discussion? Get in now before you have 523 pages of posts to catch up on lol


It’s not a purist thing. It’s an old school fps thing.


Bruh…no. password saves were an old school gaming thing too. Some things just get better


I mean, they could make a “classic” playlist, but I guarantee the maps would play like dookie without Sprint.

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Sprint isn’t going away. Play custom games.

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The sprint in this game is so redundant. It’s like I’m constantly fighting with myself to use it or not. Sure, that tiny boost of speed may help, but is it worth the button click? Not really. But then I feel I let my team down because I didn’t get somewhere fast enough. It just serves as a distraction in infinite rather than something of immense use. It might as well just not be in the game.


I’m pretty sure Aozolai made a video showing the base movement speed is actually higher than Halo 3, and that Sprint really doesn’t increase your top speed all that much. You really don’t need to use it all things considered, and it can get you killed because it takes a moment to ready your weapon after halting.

@LH_Justin the maps wouldn’t really play all that differently. There isn’t an absurd distance between covers like in Reach thru 5, the maps don’t really account for sprint all that much, aside from the BTB maps.


Again, increased movement speed could be done.


Go play MCC…or just don’t use it.

Or just a grapple hook and sprint to finish off that one shot guy. Coordinate with your teammates better.


Someone wants a return to form they truly enjoyed and that somehow makes them bad?

I like sprint, but I’m not gonna poop on someone’s nostalgia because I disagree with it.

Grow up.


This isn’t about nostalgia, stop it.

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I just feel that sprint is pointless in this game since the movement speed was slightly increased and sprint sort of breaks the combat flow in certain situations. Also because sprint barely has increased speed compared to normal movement.


Yeah, I know. Every Halo purist says/said the exact same thing. Blah blah blah Quake, blah blah blah CSGO. We get it, you hate change.

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