No Splitscreen

Yes. I really did take the time to figure out what the heck my Microsoft login info was just to get on here and express my intense disappointment and frustration with the removal of split-screen as a feature of Halo 5. To say splitscreen is core to the Halo experience would be a drastic understatement- the franchise was built on this feature, and it will continue to slowly die without it.
I’ve been wracking my brain, trying to figure out how 343 came to the decision to cut splitscreen. In order to try and figure out the logic behind the move, I started with what we know:
We know tthat 343 is a company that is purely focused on maximizing SHORT TERM profits. Many consumers seem to get caught up in the emotional connection they feel with brands and seem to forget that ALL companies are focused primarily on maximizing profits. What differs from company to company is how they go about maximizing those profits, and whether they are looking to long term brand loyalty or the short term bottom line. We can safely conclude that 343 is focused on the latter by looking at how they produce their games and treat their consumers. Everyone can agree that the MCC was a cobbled together mess that feel apart solely due to 343’s incompetence; every aspect of the game EXCEPT for the multiplayer matchmaking was done by other studios (Saber Interactive handled Halo 2’s campaign remaster, Certain Affinity handled Halo 2’s multiplayer remaster, Ruffian Games did the Halo 3 and Halo 4 ports, and United Front Games did the interface). Clearly they did not invest enough resources into making matchmaking work properly; this fact combined with their obvious attempts to sweep the MCC under the rug show that the purpose of the MCC was for it to be a short term cash grab, and certainty not a product with which to gain long term customer loyalty.
We also know the stated reason for the removal of the splitscreen, summarized as “we had to lose splitscreen in order to have the game look good” is total crap. Think about what this statement would mean; remember, 343 is all about selling as many copies of this game as possible. This would mean that they ran the numbers, conducted the focus groups, and found that you average gamer cares more about having a slight bump in graphical fidelity in the next Halo game then having splitscreen, a statement which is simply not true. The widespread backlash directed at 343 over this move shows the public at large care more about splitscreen then graphics.
This suggests an ulterior motive, which I can only guess at. I’m no expert, but the most logical conclusion seems to be that Microsoft is looking to move more Xbox Ones, and believes it can more effectively do that by forcing families into a position where they need to buy a second console to allow brothers Ken and Murphy to play Halo together.
Ultimately I think this is going to be a strategy that will fail. Ken and Murphy will simply find something else to do for fun together, and Halo 5 will go un-bought. I know that will certainly be the case for me. I was out back in December when 343 announced there would only be 2 player split screen. Games are a social activity for my friends and I, a reason to get together on a Friday night. If we can’t play Halo 5, we’ll go back to the MCC, or play a board game, or go to the movies. But we sure as hell aren’t going to pick up 3 additional consoles just to play Halo. We have our PC’s for online gaming, an area that provides a much larger swath of options and top of the line graphics. Why the hell would we buy a console to play online with each other?
It’s so sad to see it come to this; I have some incredibly fond memories of the Halo franchise, and hopefully they will live on in some form with the MCC. But without splitscreen the future of Halo is very, very bleak indeed. Maybe when they triage Halo 5’s poor release they’ll realize their mistake, but somehow I doubt it.

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> sigh There’s a thread for this already…

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> 2533274825044752;2:
> There’s a thread for this already…