So the one thing I was looking forward too will not be on disc day one but rather its being tweaked and will be released later. What I speak of is spartan ops I’m not really upset though because rather then settling for mediocre 343 is aiming for perfection of spartan ops and while I can’t play multiplayer with my 4yr old and spartan ops was what we played I can still take my girl through all the whole halo campaign all of them with unlimited ammo. So all in all its not a bad thing nothing to be mad about just be patient wait till december and while ll get to play the newer improved spartan ops and halo 5 beta for now I’ll just keep playing spartan ops with my kid on the 360. But yea its going to be pretty exciting going through the campaign on all 4 games plus with my 4 yr old playing she will do a great job drawing fire away from me lol but yea it is funny watching her play. So if anyone hears any kind of update on this just let me know